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Hi! My name is Christina, and I blog over at christinaandcamera.wordpress.com. If you’d like to learn more about me, check out the about page where you can learn more about all of the different authors on The Bloggers Project.

Soo… just why do I blog?

Well, blogging for me started about two years ago (actually exactly, I *think* haha) when I wanted to have a doll blog like all of the ones I read. I finally convinced my mom and started a doll blog on Blogspot. After a couple months, I realized that all of the “cool blogs” were on WordPress. So I switched. At this point I was getting pretty bored of doll blogging. Doll blogs were (and are) disappearing left and right and I didn’t have a lot of people who read my blog. So… I switched again. I switched to lifestyle/photography blogging. I’ll be sharing my full blog story in another post, so I won’t share the full story here. However, at this point I suddenly asked myself “why?”. Seems like a simple question, but I had never really asked it. After I asked myself (and answered) that question, my blog grew quicker than it ever had before. I’m telling you this story so that you don’t make the same mistake as I did. Guys.Β Ask yourself WHY!

Here are ten of my favorite things about blogging that keep me doing it:

  1. I love meeting people who do online school or are home schooled like me
  2. Blogging has improved my writing and rhetoric
  3. I love having friendly debates with others
  4. Sharing my photography with others has improved my skills (and y’all always give me awesome tips)
  5. Sharing my goals with others has helped me to actually do them
  6. Fangirling over books and movies (!!!)
  7. Meeting awesome people like y’all!
  8. Designing blogs/graphic design in general
  9. Sharing my beliefs and (hopefully) encouraging other Christians

Well, there you have it- Why I blog!

My question for you: Why do you blog? Have you thought about that before?

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