5 Blog Post Ideas To Use Today! πŸŽ‰

Hi guys! This is Christina from Christina and Camera. So sorry I did not post this yesterday 😫 I completely forgot… you can see that any blogger (no matter HOW successful- not that I’m that successful) makes mistakes, so don’t worry if you forget to post sometimes. It happens to everyone.


  1. 12 ways to spend your Spring Break productivelyΒ 

  2. 10 of my favorite font combinations

  3. How I’m eating and living healthy this month|how you can too!

  4. The BEST versatile clothing options that everyone needs in their closet

  5. 5 ways you can tackle Camp Nano this April

As always, any blogger can use these and while credit is totally not necessary TBP (the bloggers project) would always love the support! It keeps us going πŸ™‚

muchos gracias,Β 

christina raquel


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